Act 3: Divestment dinners

Our campaign won’t succeed unless it becomes a real social movement. And you can help build the Fossil Free movement while enjoying a novel and stimulating social event with your friends: a Divestment Dinner. Our first ever divestment dinner was held in Camps Bay, Cape Town, on 25 October 2014, with seven people attending in person, and one Skyping in (with flu).

350 Africa is planning detailed research both on the extent of fossil fuel entanglements in the financial services industry and on the possibilities for reinvestment, so watch this space.

How to hold a divestment dinner

• Encourage people to bring food and drinks, tablets or laptops.

• Read our brief introduction to the Divestment movement (this will follow)

• Show two or three short videos (recommendations to follow) on climate change and divestment

• Have a discussion around the issues over dinner

• Pass around our template letter to financial advisers/institutions asking for fossil free investments so that people can take action then and there.

• Encourage people to register their support for our campaign

• Nominate two people to hold further divestment dinners

• Tell us about your event

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