WWF-Prescient Living Planet Fund

WWF is supportive of divestment efforts, and in South Africa, manages a Living Planet investment fund that is lower-carbon than the JSE as a whole and ‘aims to deliver sustainable long-term capital growth within a framework that integrates environmental sustainability principles’. The fund excludes any ‘direct investments’ in:

• Arms & weapon systems
• Nuclear power production
• Coal-mining companies
• Trade in CITES Flora & Fauna
• Tobacco
• Animal testing for cosmetic purposes
• Pornography

It also restricts investment in oil, gas, coal extraction, and companies with high water resource impacts.

As of June 2018, the fund does include a 2.3% share in BHP Billiton, a company listed on the Carbon Underground 200.

The minimum investment is R10,000, or R1,000 a month by debit order. The total investment charge is 1,66%. The annualised return since inception in May 2012 has been 6,74%.